A True Hero

According to the local newspaper (I use the term loosely), an “interfaith” group plans to hold a rally in Warrenton Saturday to ”

The event is intended to be “a show of support for immigrants and others impacted by President Trump’s executive order barring citizens from seven mostly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.”

“Join in celebrating America as a land of immigrants — a country made stronger by our diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds and shared democratic values,” said a Facebook page publicizing the event. “Help us re-affirm the immortal words on the Statue of Liberty: ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…’”

Those expected to speak at the rally include:

  • Hussein Rashwan, a Muslim American originally from Egypt who is now a citizen and businessman living with his family in Winchester.

  • The Rev. James R. Kelly, pastor of Silver Hill Baptist Church, in Bealeton and president of the Fauquier County NAACP.

  • Rabbi Rose Jacob, a self-described “free-range rabbi” in a five-county area.

  • The Rev. Russ Savage, pastor of the Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge, in Sperryville, and the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah Valley in Stephens City.

  • John Ragosta, a fellow at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and a visiting assistant professor of history at Randolph College.

  • Brooksie Wells, a local singer/songwriter, will also attend. Wells grew up in the South with parents who fought for civil rights and the Equal Rights Amendment. Her last album, Down Home Divas, went to No. 2 on the Roots Americana Charts. Her new album, Nort East Rising Sun, marks a return to her folk roots, according to a press release about the event.

Wonder if anyone of the people who have experienced the “religion of peace” of close and personal at the events below will attend.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2017.01.31 USA Denver, CO 1 0 A pastor working as a security guard is shot to death at a transit office by a ‘radicalized’ Muslim.
2017.01.06 USA Fort Lauderdale, FL 5 6 A convert to Islam guns down five innocents in the baggage claim area of an airport.
2016.06.13 USA Orlando, FL 49 53 An Islamic extremist massacres forty-nine people at a gay nightclub.
2015.12.02 USA San Bernardino, CA 14 17 A ‘very religious’ Muslim shoots up a Christmas party with his wife, leaving fourteen dead.
2015.07.16 USA Chattanooga, TN 5 2 A ‘devout Muslim’ stages a suicide attack on a recruiting center at a strip mall and a naval center which leaves five dead.
2014.12.18 USA Morganton, NC 1 0 A 74-year-old man is shot several times in the head by a ‘radicalized’ ISIS supporter.
2014.09.25 USA Moore, OK 1 1 A Sharia advocate beheads a woman after calling for Islamic terror and posting an Islamist beheading photo.
2014.06.25 USA West Orange, NJ 1 0 A 19-year-old college student is shot to death ‘in revenge’ for Muslim deaths overseas.
2014.06.01 USA Seattle, WA 2 0 Two homosexuals are murdered by an Islamic extremist.
2014.04.27 USA Skyway, WA 1 0 A 30-year-old man is murdered by a Muslim fanatic.
2014.03.06 USA Port Bolivar, TX 2 0 A Muslim man shoots his lesbian daughter and her lover to death and leaves a copy of the Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality.
2013.08.04 USA Richmond, CA 1 0 A convert “on a mission from Allah” stabs a store clerk to death.
2013.04.19 USA Boston, MA 1 1 Jihadists gun down a university police officer sitting in his car.
2013.04.15 USA Boston, MA 3 264 Foreign-born Muslims describing themselves as ‘very religious’ detonate two bombs packed with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and causing several more to lose limbs.
2013.03.24 USA Ashtabula, OH 1 0 A Muslim convert walks into a church service with a Quran and guns down his Christian father while praising Allah.
2013.02.07 USA Buena Vista, NJ 2 0 A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.
2012.11.12 USA Houston, TX 1 0 A 28-year-old American man is shot to death by a conservative Muslim over an alleged role in converting a woman to Christianity.
2012.01.15 USA Houston, TX 1 0 A 30-year-old Christian convert is shot to death by a devout Muslim for helping to convert his daughter.
2011.09.11 USA Waltham, MA 3 0 Three Jewish men have their throats slashed by Muslim terrorists.
2011.04.30 USA Warren, MI 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is shot in the head by her stepfather for not adhering to Islamic practices.
2010.04.14 USA Marquette Park, IL 5 2 After quarrelling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to ‘take them back to Allah’ and out of the ‘world of sinners’.
2009.12.04 USA Binghamton, NY 1 0 A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for ‘persecuted’ Muslims.
2009.11.05 USA Ft. Hood, TX 13 31 A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.
2009.11.02 USA Glendale, AZ 1 1 A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too ‘Westernized.’ (10-20-09)
2009.06.01 USA Little Rock, AR 1 1 A Muslim shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center explicitly in the name of Allah.
2009.04.12 USA Phoenix, AZ 2 0 A man shoots his brother-in-law and another man to death after finding out that they visited a strip club, in contradiction to Islamic values.
2009.02.12 USA Buffalo, NY 1 0 The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce.
2008.07.06 USA Jonesboro, GA 1 0 A devout Muslim strangles his 25-year-old daughter in an honor killing.
2008.01.01 USA Irving, TX 2 0 A Muslim immigrant shoots his two daughters to death on concerns about their ‘Western’ lifestyle.
2006.07.28 USA Seattle, WA 1 5 An ‘angry’ Muslim-American uses a young girl as hostage to enter a local Jewish center, where he shoots six women, one of whom dies.
2006.06.25 USA Denver, CO 1 5 Saying that it was ‘Allah’s choice’, a Muslim shoots four of his co-workers and a police officer.
2006.06.16 USA Baltimore, MD 1 0 A 62-year-old Jewish moviegoer is shot to death by a Muslim medical student in an unprovoked terror attack.
2004.04.15 USA Scottsville, NY 1 2 In an honor killing, a Muslim father kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested.
2003.08.06 USA Houston, TX 1 0 After undergoing a ‘religious revival’, a Saudi college student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4″ butterfly knife, nearly decapitating the young man.
2002.10.22 USA Aspen Hill, MD 1 0 A bus driver is killed by Muslim snipers.
2002.10.14 USA Arlington, VA 1 0 A woman is killed by Muslim snipers in a Home Depot parking lot.
2002.10.11 USA Fredericksburg, VA 1 0 Another man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas.
2002.10.09 USA Manassas, VA 1 1 A man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas two days after a 13-year-old is wounded by the same team.
2002.10.03 USA Montgomery County, MD 5 0 Muslim snipers kill three men and two women in separate attacks over a 15-hour period.
2002.10.02 USA Wheaton, MD 1 0 Muslim snipers gun down a program analyst in a store parking lot.
2002.09.23 USA Baton Rouge, LA 1 0 A Korean mother is shot in the back by Muslim snipers.
2002.09.21 USA Montgomery, AL 1 1 Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one.
2002.09.21 USA Atlanta, GA 1 0 Muslim terrorists gun down an employee at a liquor store.
2002.07.04 USA Los Angeles, CA 2 0 Muslim man pulls out a gun at the counter of an Israeli airline and kills two people.
2002.05.27 USA Denton, TX 1 0 Muslim snipers kill a man as he works in his yard.
2002.03.19 USA Tuscon, AZ 1 0 A 60-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim snipers on a golf course.
2001.09.11 USA New York, NY 2752 251 Islamic hijackers steer two planes packed with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds on impact and eventually killing thousands when the towers collapsed. At least 200 are seriously injured.
2001.09.11 USA Washington, DC 184 53 Nearly 200 people are killed when Islamic hijackers steer a plane full of people into the Pentagon.
2001.09.11 USA Shanksville, PA 40 0 Forty passengers are killed after Islamic radicals hijack the plane in an attempt to steer it into the U.S. Capitol building.
2000.03.17 USA Atlanta, GA 1 1 A local imam and Muslim spiritual leader guns down a deputy sheriff and injures his partner.
1997.04.03 USA Lompoc, CA 1 0 A prison guard is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim.
1997.03.23 USA New York, NY 1 6 A Palestinian leaves an anti-Jewish suicide note behind and travels to the top of the Empire State building where he shoot seven people in a Fedayeen attack.
1994.03.01 USA Brooklyn, NY 1 0 A Muslim gunman targets a van packed with Jewish boys, killing a 16-year-old.
1993.02.26 USA New York, NY 6 1040 Islamic terrorists detonate a massive truck bomb under the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000 in an effort to collapse the towers.
1993.01.25 USA Langley, VA 2 3 A Pakistani with Mujahideen ties guns down two CIA agents outside of the headquarters.
1990.11.05 USA New York City, NY 1 0 An Israeli rabbi is shot to death by a Muslim attacker at a hotel.
1990.01.31 USA Tuscon, AZ 1 0 A Sunni cleric is assassinated in front of a Tuscon mosque after declaring that two verses of the Qur’an were invalid.
1989.11.06 USA St. Louis, MO 1 0 A 17-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her parents for bringing ‘dishonor’ to their family by dating an ‘infidel’ African-American.
1980.08.31 USA Savou, IL 2 0 An Iranian student guns down his next-door neighbors, a husband and wife.
1980.07.22 USA Bethesda, MD 1 0 A political dissident is shot and killed in front of his home by an Iranian agent who was an American convert to Islam.
1977.03.09 USA Washington, DC 1 1 Hanifi Muslims storm three buildings including a B’nai B’rith to hold 134 people hostage. At least two innocents were shot and one died.
1974.04.16 USA Ingleside, CA 1 0 A man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam terrorists.
1974.04.01 USA Oakland, CA 1 1 A Nation of Islam terrorist shoots at two Salvation Army members, killing a man and injuring a woman.
1974.01.24 USA Oakland, CA 4 1 Five vicious shooting attacks by Nation of Islam terrorists leave three people dead and one paralyzed for life. Three of the victims were women.
1973.12.24 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A man is kidnapped, tortured and decapitated by Nation of Islam terrorists.
1973.12.22 USA Oakland, CA 2 0 Nation of Islam terrorist kills two people in separate attacks on the same day.
1973.12.20 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 Nation of Islam terrorists gun down an 81-year-old janitor.
1973.12.13 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A woman is shot to death on the sidewalk by Nation of Islam terrorists.
1973.12.11 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A man is killed by Nation of Islam terrorists while using a phone booth.
1973.11.25 USA Oakland, CA 1 0 A grocer is killed in his store by Nation of Islam terrorists.
1973.10.29 USA Berkeley, CA 1 0 A woman is shot repeatedly in the face by Nation of Islam terrorists.
1973.10.19 USA Oakland, CA 1 1 Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead.
1973.07.18 USA Washington, DC 8 2 Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.
1973.07.01 USA Bethesda, MD 1 0 An Israeli diplomat is gunned down in his driveway by Palestinian terrorists.
1973.01.19 USA Brooklyn, NY 1 1 Muslim extremists rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who responds to the alarm.
1972.04.14 USA New York, NY 1 3 Ten members of a local mosque phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding officers, killing one.


The English Began to Hate

Saw this poem by Rudyard Kipling on the Facebook. Somebody posted it along with a video montage of idiot leftists calling for violence against political opponents.

The Beginnings


It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the English began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy-willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the English began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show,
When the English began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd,
It was not taught by the State.
No man spoke it aloud,
When the English began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate,
Through the chill years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the English began to hate.


Fauquier Now published yet another letter to the editor from that hateful old crone Hope Porter complaining about the impact a nice proposed commercial development along Walker Road in Warrenton would have on the community’s water supply.

In weighing the pros and cons of the proposed development on Walker Drive, water should be the main concern for the residents of Warrenton.

Porter wrote:

Last summer, we did not have a drought — merely a dry spell. The Warrenton Reservoir was lower than I have ever seen it. And, I see it every day.

The three streams that feed the reservoir, Warrenton’s primary source of water, all rise within two miles of the reservoir, creating a limited watershed.

Today, there are 26 ponds in this watershed, all created after World War II. In the heat of summer, very little water escapes these ponds, except through evaporation, resulting in diminished water in the streams that feed the reservoir.

For a six-month period that ended a few days ago, no water flowed over the dam along Blackwell Road.

Warrenton’s reservoir is at the top of the Cedar Run Watershed. There is nowhere else for Warrenton to go for water, except for wells, which can be a problem because of contamination.

Porter and her fellow anti-growth, environmental zealots succeeded many years ago in killing any opportunity Fauquier County had to develop its water resources. The county’s Comprehensive Plan, which these folks hold up at the holy Koran of development, originally called for the construction of, I believe, five water reserves throughout the county. The most recent of which would have been built in a ravine along Cedar Run in Auburn, but was finally killed about 20 years ago.

The same old not-in-my-back-ground crowd that opposes just about any sensible plan, along with anti-growth zealots like Porter and the wretched Piedmont Environmental Council, fought against the construction of that water resource. To my knowledge only two or three of the original five lakes were created.

Porter’s disingenuously complains about the so-called water impact of the Walker Drive project, knowing full well that she and her pals killed off sensible plans to address this county’s future needs. The current Board of Supervisors, and unfortunately, the local newspaper, are owned lock-stock-and-barrel by the same bunch of busy bodies who seek to tell everyone what they can do with their own land that they pay taxes on. Meanwhile, these same clowns put their hundreds and thousands of acres in tax sheltered “open space” easements, claiming to be farmers but really are nothing more than well-landed, rich welfare queens.

The election of President Donald Trump makes the already unhinged left launch even further into insanity.

Case in point: a letter to the editor of the Fauquier Times by loyal Democrat hack Keith Selbo offers an awesome display of leftist stupidity.

He writes in this week’s newspaper:

Prior to his inauguration, the Buzzfeed website published a British intelligence report that put Donald Trump in an unfavorable light.

Right off the bat Selbo demonstrates that he’s been brainwashed by MSM bullshit. The so-called “British intelligence report” is a made up document by a opposition research hack employed by the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign to lie about Republicans. The report has been widely rejected by legitimate news outlets, yet Selbo repeats the claim as fact.

Selbo writes:

In response, he tweeted “Are we living in Nazi German?” As long as Trump’s broached the subject, here are some things the Nazis actually did:

They encouraged their followers to physically assault opposition protesters.

Hey Keith: you mean the way the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee hired Robert Creamer and his pals to plant thugs in Trump rallies to deliberately attack Trump supporters who when they defended themselves were blamed for the “violence” at his rallies?

You can google the story yourself, but here’s a link and the uncover video.

Selbo conveniently misses Trump’s point, which was about the Nazi’s use of “fake news” and the repetitious use of “the big lie,” that is tell a lie often enough, loudly enough, it become the truth. To the consternation of leftist like Selbo and the media, Trump refuses to allow falsehoods about himself to go unanswered.

To continue:

They denigrated the disabled, and pandered to religious and ethnic bigotry.

They imputed nefarious motives to any utterance not to their liking.

Sort of like the Democrats and leftist in general calling people they disagree with Nazis, right?

They professed no qualms over the use of torture in the furtherance of national interests.

The strategy helped the Nazi’s cement their control over Germany. Once they were in power, things got only worse for everybody.

Meanwhile, we heard not a peep from people like Selbo over The Obama’s use of drones to kill people abroad, even U.S. citizens without an arrest, trial and conviction. To say nothing of the unrelenting wars the former president waged without congressional approval in nearly every county in the Middle East.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m only a little troubled by our government’s killing of terrorists in other countries. But then I don’t wet my pants over the use of waterboarding and other forms of torture by our intelligence agencies against those plotting to kill American here in the U.S.

Selbo never criticized the former president’s attacks on media outlets who didn’t offer total adulation, or his use of the Department of Justice to investigate reporters who wrote critical things about him. He never complained about The Obama White House weaponizing the IRS to go after conservative non-profit groups to deny them their tax exempt status. He said not a word when The Obama administration lied publicly and often about the attack on our facility in Libya that resulted in four dead Americans one of whom was the U.S. ambassador.

Watching the news coverage of the “protest” during President Trump’s inauguration last Friday, I noticed that the only violence being waged was by black-shirted, face-covered leftist thugs who beat up people who simply came to Washington to celebrate Trump’s victory.

The only people who routinely deny those they disagree with the right to speak and write freely without violence or the threat of violence are those on the left. The only ones destroying property and rioting are leftists, most of whom are paid agent provocateurs hired by radical Communist groups.

No Keith, Nazi-like brown black shirts reside exclusively on your side of the political divide.






According to former newspaper editor and current blogger Don Surber, a recent Rasmussen poll found that a smaller and even smaller portion of the public gets its news from print newspapers.

Newspapers were the least important source of political news in the 2016 presidential election.
A new Rasmussen poll showed only 4% of voters used newspapers as a primary source of news among six choices, including social media, and radio.
This may explain why Hillary “Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?” Clinton failed to win despite the endorsement of 243 newspaper, to only 20 for President Trump.

I’ve always found newspaper endorsements silly. Why should I, a more-than-reasonably-informed voter rely on the opinion of a bunch myopic liberals at your typical newspaper to make an informed choice in the voting booth, or anywhere else for that matter.

Any more, newspapers are completely irrelevant to most people’s lives. Except for the coupons, most people don’t give a crap about the daily or weekly dead tree edition of the local paper. Newspaper publishers count on readers wanting those coupon inserts, because they don’t make much on display ads and nearly nothing on classifieds (thanks to craigslist). But if most advertisers really realized how few people pay attention to those inserts, let alone march into stores to buy stuff because of them, newspapers would be in even worse shape.

Given the absolutely shitty way most newspapers cover day-to-day events, whether political or mundane like basic crime stuff, they really do deserve to go the way of the buggy. They’re worthless and irrelevant in daily, or weekly life.

Here in bucolic Fauquier County, the local weekly newspaper is a complete waste of recycled newsprint. Nobody in the newsroom there is from the county or has a clue about life here. They fill the pages with absolute puff crap.  No real news, no serious government coverage, no breaking crime coverage.

Whole sections of the county remain invisible because the publishers are a bunch of rich, liberal, environmental posers from the northern end of the county. The current management hasn’t a clue how to run a news organization. The only purpose of the paper is to promote the radical environmental bullshit positions of the owners.

Not worth buying, let alone reading.

Hillary’s Horribles


Trump “deplorables” came out to here Gov. Mike Pence today in Fauquier County.

Well actually, she called us Trump supporters “deplorables.”

Speaking at a fundraiser, I believe hosted by the loathsome Barbara Streisand, Clinton said:

“To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”

Pretty amazing and quite revealing in terms of what Clinton and the Democrats think of regular Americans.

Just the other day Slick Willie said:

“We all know how [Hillary’s] opponent has done well down in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky,” the former president told the crowd at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum. “The coal people don’t like any of us [Democrats] anymore.”

And don’t forget The Obama’s famous bitter clInger comment:

“You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustration.”

No assholes, we’re tired of people like you who despise people like us. You’ve ruined health care and the economy, driven millions of us of work, all the while you purposely import millions of unskilled job stealing immigrants. We’re sick of you, your corruption  and lies, and your destructive policies.
Gov. Mike Pence, Speaking to the “deplorables” at the Liberty Farm Festival over in Paris, answered Clinton.

“The men and women who support Donald Trump’s campaign are hard-working Americans, farmers, coal miners, teachers, veterans, members of our law enforcement community, members of every class of this country, who know that we can make America great again. They are not a basket of anything. They are Americans and they deserve your respect.”

Warrenton Busy Bodies

20160907_145700The bureaucratic busy bodies in Warrenton launched a new crusade in their ongoing war against businesses and common sense.

According to FauquierNow, the town’s Architectural Review Board plans to start enforcing zoning ordinance rules on the sandwich boards many merchants and restaurants place in front of their businesses.

“Town officials began to focus on the issue in late July, after the ARB told Nationwide Insurance agency owner Melissa Hutcheson that she must remove her hanging sign at 81 Main St. The sign, made of composite — not wood, fails to comply with historic district guides.

“Ms. Hutcheson filed a Virginia Freedom of Information Act request to see town permits for 20 downtown sandwich boards. Those permits don’t exist.”

Bravo to Hutcheson for forcing the issue after her own run in with the town over the bullshit sign rules that made her perfectly well done and attractive sign illegal because of what is was made of.

Think about that for a minute. The sign came in at the proper size, proper color, etc., BUT was made out of a composite material instead of wood. Because, like, you know, composite material is from the devil or something. Jeez. OK so John S. Mosby didn’t use composite material, nor did Thomas Jefferson. However, had the material which doesn’t rot, doesn’t weather, maintains its color and looks good for years and years, been available 200 hundred years ago both the Grey Ghost and former President would have said, not just “yes,” to the material’s use, but “hell yes!”

But back to the sandwich board controversy:

Town Manager Brannon Godfrey and his staff propose a three-month “grace period” that would allow the sandwich board owners to come into compliance. Those who do so in the first month would get permits without cost.

“The town determined that none of the sandwich boards have permits,” interim Planning Director Denise Harris said. “So, now we need to address this . . . . And, we want to address it in a way that supports the town’s goals of walkability in a business friendly environment.”

So, ARB Aesthetician Melissa Wiedenfeld will decree a sandwich board review group of specially anointed busy bodies who’ll  get to impose their personal preferences on the entire town. Of course, the tribunal will be made up of ARB members (who have special insight into what is pretty and what is not), businesses owners and landlords.

Again from FN:

“The ARB appears to have purview of appropriateness for colors . . . that are not florescent or bold,” said board member James “J” Tucker, a Warrenton architect. “The ARB does not dictate color. It simply reviews colors and approves or disapproves what the applicant submits.

“I believe that the sandwich boards signs, in general, are appropriate in the historic district, but some may not comply as they are presently displayed.”

So all those icky signs, you know the really clever and funny ones like Deja Brew’s which actually entice you to investigate the coffee house, but have offensive “florescent or bold” colors will be banned.

I don’t know if any of these morons actually walk downtown along Main Street, but if they did, they would see the amazing variety of signs, some which offer very clever pitches, most which simply point wayfarers toward the adjacent business. Meanwhile, the town recently made a big deal out of the “wayfaring signs” it posted around town for tourists. Presumably, those signs passed someone’s delicate sensibilities. Some of the offensive sandwich boards actually alert pedestrians and shoppers that there are shops and restaurants off of Main Street on the many side streets. Heaven forbid anyone find a business in Old Town.

Besides which, what business does the town of Warrenton have in telling businesses how they may or may not advertise their businesses? Might the focus of official energy more properly be focused on the many empty store fronts and closed businesses in the “historic district?” And, why in the world would anyone spend the huge sums of money to open a business in Warrenton knowing that their every move is going to be second guessed by a bunch of nosy busy bodies who contribute absolutely nothing to the town’s bottom line?

If Warrenton’s arbiters of good taste are truly concerned about horribly ugly signs, maybe they’ll  prevail upon the powers that be to deal with the colossal eyesore in front of the John Barton Payne building. See below: img_20160907_150013

In the meantime, leave the sandwich boards alone.



carrieThe story below is a perfect example of why the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote was a bad idea.

The menstruating hordes of Indiana are fed up and have decided that the only way to get Mike Pence and other GOP werewolves off their backs is to give them the intimate access to their vaginas they so desperately crave. Enter Periods for Pence, a group of women dedicated to calling, tweeting, and emailing governor Mike Pence to let him know what their uteruses are up to.

Hysterical feminists harpies view abortion as a sacrament and consider any laws designed to protect babies in the womb or require even minimum health and safety standards for abortion mills an outrage. They demonstrate time after time that they are entirely too emotionally damaged and irrational to be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.

A perfect example of that type of hysteria is right here.


Leftists assholes successfully forced Donald Trump to cancel a scheduled rally in Chicago yesterday.

According the Associated Press:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled one of his signature rallies on Friday, calling off the event due to safety concerns after protesters packed the arena where he was scheduled to speak.

The announcement the billionaire businessman would postpone the rally led a large portion of the crowd inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion to break out into raucous cheers. Many rushed onto the floor, jumping up and down with their arms up in the air.

“Trump represents everything America is not and everything Chicago is not,” said Kamran Siddiqui, 20, a student at the school who was among those celebrating. “We came in here and we wanted to shut this down. Because this is a great city and we don’t want to let that person in here.”

Some supporters of the Republican front-runner started chanting “We want Trump! We want Trump!” in response to the celebrations, and there were some isolated physical confrontations between members of the crowd. Chicago police said five people were arrested.

“It’s a shame,” said Trump supporter Bill Tail, 43, of the Chicago suburb of Oaklawn. “They scream about tolerance, but are being intolerant themselves. That doesn’t make sense.”

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