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Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee

The Occupy losers littering so many U.S. cities are a motley crew of rather clueless young people and assorted bums and losers. The backbone of the “movement,” however, is the international communist movement. And, like their forefathers, modern-day communists use the the laws of free societies to agitate and destroy the very foundation of those […]

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The Hobo Nation

Saw this on the front page of the dead-tree version of The Washington Post Metro Section the other day. Dylan Bozlee, of Hilo, Hawaii, has his foot taped by volunteer EMT David McClintock of Philadelphia at the Occupy Philadelphia encampment at City Hall on Nov. 15. Bozlee dropped out of college at the University of […]

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The Stupid Party in Fauquier

So here in Marshall District, we’ve got two “Independents” running for the county board of supervisors. One is the incumbent and a closeted Democrat. The challenger is a Republican who for some bizarre reason is running as an Independent. I guess she didn’t get it together in time to file for the GOP primary. Anyway, […]

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