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Pushing Back Against the Left

Gateway Pundit posted the video below of a bunch of Alan West supporters in Florida pushing back when some leftists try to interrupt the campaign event.   These folks have figured it out. When the left shows up at your event, you get in their face and give them a hard time, not letting them […]

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Are We Insane

The Wall Street Journal has a story about the trial of the dirtbags that planned the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City that killed 3,000 innocent people. I just watched, last night, “Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close,” about a boy who lost his dad on that terrible day. I […]

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Defund the Left

Two stories in two separate online conservative news sites completely illustrate what should be the top priority of any conservative politician upon entering office next year. The first story is about a George Soros funded leftist group trying to pressure the FCC into denying Fox News its broadcast license. From Newsbusters: They’ve tried and failed […]

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