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The Stupid Party: Virginia Chapter

Two idiot Va. Senate Republicans joined with the Democrats in Richmond to defeat Mark Obenshain’s bill to allow voter registration by political party. According the Bull Elephant blog: Senator Mark Obenshain’s bill, SB1060, allowing voter registration by political party has been defeated in the Senate by a vote of 21 to 19. Two republicans voted with […]

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Fascism, Communism & Islam

A common denominator unites the three greatest threats to freedom throughout the world over the past 100 years. Whether it’s the fascism that swept Europe in the mid-20th Century, or communism that began at the dawn of that century and went on to engulf much of Eastern Europe, and all of Russia, China, spilling over […]

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CEO Pay and Liberal Stupidity

I have little use for Facebook. Sure it’s a good way to keep up with people, especially relatives, but so much of what people post there is just pure idiocy. Take for instance this image someone posted this morning: The image was accompanied by this comment: While Americans struggle to pay premiums, health insurance company […]

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Good News for Old Waterloo Bridge

I read in the Fauquier Times that the Virginia Department of Transportation created some kind of working group with Fauquier and Culpeper county officials and others to study less expensive options for repairing the Old Waterloo Bridge over the Rappahannock River. From the Times: VDOT met with representatives of Fauquier and Culpeper counties last Thursday […]

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