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The Great Divider

Apparently The Obama delivered a message to us deplorables during an adoring interview by 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley.

“There are a set of traditions that we have followed in the peaceful transfer of power. The outgoing president congratulates the incoming president, instructs the government and the agencies to cooperate with the new government coming in.”

Light Giver, Bringer of Healing, Uniter-in-Chief, The Obama, as recounted by acolyte Scott Pelley.

As Julie Kelly writes in American Greatness:

If those remarks don’t make your eyes roll all the way back in your head and prompt a loud guttural guffaw, nothing will. Between Election Day 2016 and Inauguration Day 2017, Barack Obama and Joe Biden may have given a public impression of the peaceful transfer of power, but they were working behind the scenes to sabotage the incoming president and his team. Obama, on his way out the door, set in motion four straight years of internal insurrection.

It was sedition, not transition.

At the very moment Barack Obama welcomed Trump to the Oval Office on November 10, 2016 for a kumbaya photo op, his FBI was spying on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page, and by extension, Donald Trump. Barack Obama’s FBI, under the corrupt leadership of James Comey, used fabricated political opposition research to convince a secret court that Page was a Russian agent and had conspired with the Russians to rig the election. Comey and Sally Yates, Obama’s deputy attorney general, signed the initial FISA warrant on October 21, 2016.


We now know that everything The Obama and his henchmen did was illegal and immoral. They attempted to derail the Trump administration and hamstring President Trump from the start. That effort continues today with the on-going theft of the 2020 presidential election.

They rigged the election getting corrupt Secretaries of State installed in Democrat-controlled states, employing and manipulating corrupt vote counting equipment and software, and relying on Democrat judges to cover up the crimes.

Just today, the UK Daily Mail reports that Democrat election official intimidated and browbeat two Republican canvassers into changing their votes from not certifying the election in Wayne County, Michigan, to certifying it.

Two Republican officials who refused to certify the presidential election results in Michigan’s Wayne County have performed a dramatic back-flip after being blasted by a Democratic poll watcher.

Monica Palmer and William Hartmann – who serve as the two Republican members on the four-person Wayne County Board of Canvassers – sparked outrage on Tuesday when they initially declared they would not sign off on their district’s ballot count which had Joe Biden ahead by 148,000 votes.

The pair were subsequently lambasted in a Zoom meeting by Ned Staebler, a prominent Michigan businessman who worked as a poll watcher in the large county, which encompasses the city of Detroit.

‘I just want to let you know that the Trump stink, the stain of racism that you have covered yourself in, is going to follow you throughout history,’ Staebler raged, noting that the pair specifically refused to certify results in Detroit, which has a population that is around 80 percent black.

Two Republican officials who refused to certify the presidential election results in Michigan’s Wayne County have performed a dramatic back-flip after being blasted by a Democratic poll watcher.


You know you’re doing the right thing when Democrats start calling you a “racists.” That’s the fallback position anytime they’re caught in a lie or in criminal activity.

Nevermind the fact that the worst election fraud just so happens to occur in Detroit and in particular majority black precincts where Republican, i.e. mostly white, poll watchers were driven from the polls election night by Democrat, i.e. nearly all black, poll watchers.

The problem for President Trump is that Republicans fold like a cheap tent when someone hurls the racism charge at them. I don’t know these two people. I understand the threat they were facing, that is having their lives, families, careers and property destroyed by mobs of Burn Loot and Murder and Andy Tifa thugs. The implicit threat by the Democrats was “change your vote or we’ll come after you.”

WE HAVE GOT TO WIN THIS ELECTION OR THIS WILL ONLY GET WORSE. Criminals emboldened by getting away with in-your-face vote fraud once in power will never relinquish. They will boot stomp anyone on their way to total control.

A Prelude to Civil War

When we decided late last week to head to DC on Saturday for the Stop the Steal rally in support of President Trump and his efforts to keep the Democrats from stealing the presidential election that he overwhelmingly won, I was concerned that the Andy Tifa and Burn Loot and Murder commie criminals would show up and cause trouble.

Of course they did.

Before we left, I stopped at Cabela’s and bought pepper spray gel and a stun-gun/flashlight to take with us. We were two middle-aged guys and my 16-year-old grandson. We weren’t going there to look for trouble, but if trouble found us we didn’t want to be unarmed. While my buddy and I are both have concealed carry permits, the Third World shithole known as the District of Columbia does to recognize CC permits from other jurisdictions.

Also, the District’s idiot Mayor Muriel Bowser (D-Stupid) and the city council have made it clear that they will not allow the police to protect conservatives who lawfully gather to petition the government for a redress of grievances as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. They allow criminal gangs of AT and BLM thugs to intimidate and outright attack anyone, even people having a meal at an outdoor restaurant.

So we expected the thugs would be there, and they were. During the day when hundreds of thousands of patriots were marching, they kept to the periphery. However, as the day ended and night descended, like the mutants from Omega Man or I Am Legend, they came out of the woodwork to attack any rally goer traveling alone or in small family groups.

The video below is just one of many showing peaceful patriots being attacked by the thugs.

The indefatigable independent journalist Andy Ngo recorded these videos of a people being attacked by these feral animals:

One American News Network posted a great summary of the attacks here.

Fortunately, the much maligned Proud Boys group was there in force and launched a full-scale attacked against AT and BLM.

I have been saying for a long time that conservatives need to stand up to this intimidation. Yes, we’ll march and gather and speak our minds, but too often we end up getting attacked ourselves or have our speakers and/or events disrupted or shutdown by the left.

These are classic tactics of Marxist and true fascists, the ideological forbearers of BLM and AT. From the French Revolution to the revolutions around the world in Germany, Russia, Cuba and other places, the left agitates and silences its political oppenents.

They count on us to be polite, timid and law abiding. But no longer. We need more groups like the Proud Boys, patriotic and proud defenders of Western Civilization, to roll into the public square to project us as we gather and speak our minds and to do battle, literally, with the forces that would put us and our nation in chains.

The left must not be allowed to win and not tactic or tool is too severe to fight them.

Stop the Steal

Hundreds of thousands of patriots descended on the Nation’s Capital Saturday to support President Trump and protest the Democrat/Media attempt to steal the election he rightfully and overwhelmingly won.

The Oracle and two others drove to D.C. to attend the rally/protest and joined the happy crowd of patriotic Americans from all walks of life, races and ethnicities, and across the country.

While some of the speeches were a bit tedious, most called on President Trump to continue his fight in the courts to stop the corrupt Democrat Party political machines in Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee and other large Democrat-controlled cities from being allowed to count fraudulent ballots.

The event was really fun and encouraging to be among so many like-minded citizens who are tired of the bullshit served up by the political class and the media. Repeatedly throughout the day, the crowd would offer a full-throated chant of “FOX News sucks.” Pretty funny.

As we made our way up Constitution Avenue, we passed small pockets of Andy Tifa and Burn Loot and Murder “counter protesters.” Most were reduced to shouting insults — racists, fascist, white supremacist and the like. Some rally goers would shout back, but most just laughed or chanted “USA, USA, USA,” and moved on.

As we passed behind the Capitol and approached the Supreme Court, another larger contingent of black-clad commie morons held forth. DC police kept them away from our much larger crowd. Also, a large group of Proud Boys were on hand to keep the commie thugs in line. The Boys would come in handy later in the evening as random mobs of AT and BLM criminals would assault small groups of rally stragglers.

But other than that it was a fun and refreshing day of standing with just regular American-loving people showing solidarity with our nation and our president.

Don’t concede Mr. President. We’re standing with you by the millions.

Gaslighting …

Another example of blatant distortion of what President Trump said. Liars.

You Are Not Insane

Main Stream Media propaganda continues full speed today with nearly all media outlets continuing to push the lie that Dementia Joe won the 2020 presidential election over President Donald Trump and that all reports of election fraud by the Democrats in Pennsylvania, Michigan and elsewhere have been disproved.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to suppress any attempt my members to spread legitimate articles highlighting the hundreds of examples of outright fraud in the cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Detroit, among others.

Modern journalism no longer reports the news and investigates corruption, but instead joins the monolithic left’s gaslighting of the American public to make things that are true appear false and plain lies and corruption true.

Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn’t realize how much they’ve been brainwashed.


To take just one perfect example of the fantasy world promoted by former news organizations like The Washington Post consider its treatment of the USPS whistleblower who exposed vote fraud efforts by post office supervisors and workers in a Project Veritas series of videos. James O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas are among the few true investigative journalist in America today.

According to Lawrence Person’s Battleswarm Blog:

We’ve reached the point in the post-election cycle where the mainstream media is so desperate to make Democrats’ election fraud for Joe Biden stick that they’re not just ignore election fraud stories, they’re outright lying about them.

Take for example the recent news story of the U.S. Postal worker whistleblower Richard Hopkins recanting his accusations of being instructed to backdate ballots.

Just one little flaw in the story: he did no such thing.


O’Keefe released an audio recording of USPS Office of the Inspector General Richard Strasser attempting to browbeat get Hopkins to change or recant his story.

Remember back in olden days, like about 18 months ago, WaPo, New York Times, the cable news outlets and all the rest held the words of an anonymous whistleblower from the Pentagon as sacred script?

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was one such whistleblower who claimed that President Trump asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Dementia Joe’s family’s dirty dealings there. The media tried to turn him into a martyr for truth, justice and the American way. Turns out he was just a self-promoting military bureaucrat who didn’t like the fact that his Commander in Chief ignored his recommendations on foreign policy.

He lied about what the president said in a call to the Ukrainian president and went on to actually admit he’d made stuff up.

But Vindman clarified during his testimony that the president did not bring up the topic rooting out corruption during the phone call, but he included it in his summary of the call anyay.

When asked by the Democrat counsel about whether the summary he wrote was false, Vinman hesitated.

“That’s not entirely accurate, but I not sure I would describe it as false, it was consistent with U.S. policy,” Vindman said.

Vindman said he included the rhetoric about corruption as a “messaging platform” to describe U.S. policy toward Ukraine, even though it was not discussed on the call.


Of course we now know that the entire Russian collusion story, Vindman’s part in it, and the subsequent Mueller investigation were rotten from the start, cooked up by Crooked Hillary and The Obama’s plants and holders throughout the U.S. government.

Yet for four years the media promoted that false “narrative” to hamstring the Trump administration, all the while ignoring the very real criminality of The Obama administration’s using the full apparatus of the U.S. government to illegally spy on a political opponent, to say nothing of Hillary’s pay for play graft and Dementia Joe’s family members excepting bribes from foreign governments (passing along 10 percent to “the big guy”).

Now we have outright law breaking. Bold face election fraud, shameless and carried out in broad daylight for all to see, and the media keeps telling us there’s nothing there.

“Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”

To Washington, DC or Bust

The Trump Train’s a coming

A buddy of mine and I will be attending the Stop the Steal rally for President Trump this Saturday in Washington, DC.

Already leftist thugs are preparing to attack Trump supporters, so we really need the numbers. If you’re available, please come. I can fit three more people in my vehicle.

Most conservatives are not the rally and protest types. But this is a crucial time for our presence to be felt. The president needs our support, the media, Democrats and the commie left need to see us out in force.

We will not be silenced.

We will not allow this election to be stolen.

Enemies Lists

Gizmodo Movie Night: 15 Movies That Fight Back

The ostensible leader of the Democrat Party, the singularly brain-dead former waitress Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY-14th) called on her fellow Leninists to create a blacklist of President Trump’s staff members, supporters, financial backers and lawyers.

The goal, one shared by all leftist, is to intimidate and silence their political opponents. As Paul Mirengoff of the Powerlineblog notes:

The primary concern of Leninists is always with raw, absolute power and with crushing those who stand in the way of their efforts to obtain and hold it.

America’s neo-Leninists don’t exactly seek to crush people who disagree with them. Not, at least, in sense of exterminating them or exiling them to Siberia.

Instead, their ambition is limited (for now) to “canceling” political opponents — hence the “cancel culture.” They want to prevent their opponents from having fair access to the public and from making a living.


He goes on to quote a former staff member from The Obama administration saying they are indeed creating an enemies list known as the “Trump Accountability Project.” Here’s a handy link to the blacklist:


And, over at The Federalist, David Marcus writes:

Hours later, failed GOP strategist Rick Wilson, a leader of the anti-Republican PAC, told the Washington Post that this was just the beginning, that the group would be going after the law firm Jones Day for further harassment including targeting clients of the firm in a effort to harm their business. Their justification for this bizarre and dangerous behavior is that Jones Day was hired to assist in the Trump campaign’s efforts.


Credit Trump for exposing these loathsome liberal Republicans, especially those of the grifter class — like Wilson, Pierre Delecto, the tour boat captains of Conservative Inc., and any of the half-witted Bushes — Republicans who have gone along for years with the Democrats to screw the rest of us.

For years now on college campuses leftist students and professors have been “doxxing” anyone who disagrees with their positions on issues such as climate change, Palestinian rights, and a host of other leftwing causes and beliefs. Conservative, prolife and Republican student groups and speakers are routinely mobbed, shouted down and attacked.

Some conservative activists have had their homes “swatted,” that is when someone calls the police with a false report of some serious crime, prompting police SWAT teams to swarm the innocent home.

Leftist mobs of Andy Tifa warriors and Burn Loot and Murder thugs for the past several years, and more intensely in the past several months, turned up the heat, literally, setting major cities to flame in their idiotic revolution. Stalking downtown sections, they invade restaurants, accost individuals and businesses demanding fealty to their cause on pain of violence.

The entire phenomena this past presidential election season of the “shy Trump voter” represents another manifestation of this intimidation as voters expressed reluctance to tell pollsters for whom they planned to vote or talk about the election to friends or family who supported former VP Dementia Joe.

So now, the left wants to escalate the intimidation by creating enemies lists.

Maybe it’s time to turn the table. Conservatives can make lists too. The left counts on us to obey the law, follow the rules and turn the other cheek. Time to say to hell with all of that. Anytime a Democrat politician speaks in public, or private for that matter, there should be a crowd of hecklers shouting that moron down.

Yea, find out where the financial backers of Insurrection Inc. live and work, where the go to workout and play, drink and dine and vacation, where their kids go to school, and harass the living crap out of them. Demand that Republican attorneys general start following the money trail and bring RICO indictments and convictions.

If you don’t have a concealed carry permit, get one. Learn how to use a weapons and carry it with you. Don’t go out in pubic alone. All ways travel in groups and be prepared to fight.

I say this as an out-of-shape middle-aged man, who would likely get my ass kicked in such a brawl. But if the rest of us “normals” a Kurt Schlicter calls us, stand up and refuse to back down, maybe we can turn the tide.

Because we must. The left will not stop until we are all under its boot.

Made the Switch

I’m switching my social media presence from Facebook to Parler. I’m @TheOracleofOrlean

No Debate

A Facebook friend recommended this article from The Atlantic: Liberals and the Illiberal Left (What to do about Left-fascism?)

Actually, he was commenting on some comments on the article that appeared in Against Crony Capitalism. The jist of which is the totalitarian impulse of much of the left today when it comes to debating their ideological opponents.

The “illiberal liberals.” The Left-fascists. The political correctness brigade. The anti-intellectual bullies obsessed with perceived oppression and hierarchy. Liberals need to stand up to this narrow minded red guard.

Against Crony Capitalism

D.A. Carson expands on the notion in his 2013 book The Intolerance of Tolerance. He talks about the difference between past definitions of tolerance, which meant that even if you disagreed with someone, you still “tolerated” them because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should be free to express them. As one Amazon reviewer wrote:

Underpinning this was the belief that there really is such a thing as “truth” and that free discourse was an important aspect in finding and exploring it. The “new” tolerance, in contrast, starts with the basic premise that in matters of morality and belief, there is no “truth,” only opinions.

Amazon.com reviewer

The short essay in Against Crony Capitalism itself references a 2015 article by David Frum discussing Liberals and the Illiberal Left. The mindset of the modern leftist insists that “equal political rights for the oppressive capitalists and their proletarian victims…will simply keep in place society’s unequal power relations.”

Why respect the rights of the class whose power you’re trying to smash? And so, according to Marxist thinking, your political rights depend entirely on what class you belong to. The modern far left has borrowed the Marxist critique of liberalism and substituted race and gender identities for economic ones.

The Atlantic

You can see that kind of thinking in action in this video from a June 29 NYC Community Education Council District meeting where one member makes a lame joke and is set upon by his viciously woke fellow council members. The video is painful to watch but very instructive as to where we’re heading as these Marxist thought cops gain more traction throughout the various institutions of American society.

The rabid reaction of the council members to the errant member’s wrong think illustrates that notion: “Why respect the rights of the class whose power you’re trying to smash?” There really is no reasoning with these secular religious fanatics. Whether we’re talking about the Black Lives Matter movement or Antifa and it’s allies, there is no room for compromise or debate.

The left wants to silence the rest up us and enforce its dystopian views and policy proscriptions on the American society, whether we agree or consent to them or not. They’ll use “cancel culture,” threats and protests, and outright violence to intimidate opponents into silent acquiescence. Once they gain sufficient control of the levers of power, there will be no alternative voices or choices.

Against such a foe there is no point in pretending “we’re all in this together.” There is no go along to get along. To paraphrase Ann Coulter’s recommendation for dealing with radical Islamists, convert them or kill them. When you see mobs in the street smashing and destroying and burning, beating up innocent bystanders, threatening families trying to enter a church, we’ve moved beyond the time of debate and peaceable coexistence.

However, such a militant mindset alarms most Americans. Just like the ordinary Germans in the aftermath of World War II who were shocked to learn of the atrocities committed in Eastern Europe by their leaders, or the Russians who stayed silent out of fear of reprisal during Josef Stalin’s forced famine that killed between 7 million to 10 million Ukrainians, we would prefer to keep our heads down and pretend this moment will pass.

I fear the moment will not pass. The left never stops. Marxists never develop second thoughts. The revolutionary mindset is one of iron-clad convictions and viscous self-righteousness. The only proper response to the totalitarian is a punch in the face or a bullet to the head, and the only debate is which caliber. Unless we develop a conviction that American civilization and traditions are worth fighting and dying for, we will spend the rest of our lives on our knees.


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